Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gimme the Prize

Welllllll this is the last post regarding my Blue Lake experiences, and think it's only fitting to end with an AWARDS CEREMONY!!!!!! So without further ado, here are the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Awards (The BLFACA's, or "Biscuits" as they are affectionately known as in the business).

International tour I most wished to go on (besides choir, of course): Ballet, with Corey and Jamie

Cory Goei and Jamie Brege.  Party because they had about 1/7th the number of kids we did, but mostly because they are so much fun to hang out with

Most prophetic photograph: Zach Vanderburg

Poor Zach's future head

Most fabulously stereotypical French woman: my host mom from Obernais, Germany

COME. ON. It's in black and white, she's got a saucy pose going, and she's smoking a cigarette!
(It's a little blurry, sorry!)

Choir counselor who, sadly, never appeared on my blog (excluding one group shot): Joshua Nelson


Best "That's what she said moment": Sabrina Laney Warren
Using the bus' overhead speaker system:
"Okay, y'all, Peter the busdriver has just asked me to make an announcement regarding getting on and getting off the bus. It is imperitave of you to remember this, as we do not want to scratch the side of the bus with our bags.  Remember, the front is for entrances and exits, and the rear is for exits ONLY, y'all." 
(Not realizing the mic was still on) "Heh, that's what she said."

Most consistent head tilt in photographs: Mason Rivers

"But it's my good side!!," he would say

Most patient host family member: Lena Maiss from Ottersheim, Germany.  She tolerated Mason and I giggling every time we saw "ausfahrt" and saying "that's what she said" alllll the time.  This one's for you, girl!

Hehe... Butt

I imagine this is the face she would give after seeing this post

Best story that I probably shouldn't tell but am going to anyway because it's too good:
So... in the last town, Billerbeck, I was staying with both Maestro's (or is that Maestri?)-- our own Christoph and the guest conductor from that town.  Christoph conducted his last a cappella concert for the European leg and came home and said: "okay, now we eat? now we drink?"  Needless to say Christoph draaaaaank the night away.

The last thing that the house mother said was: "If you stay down here with the lights on, make sure the doors are closed so that animals don't come in." 

Well, I woke up the next morning and went downstairs and the house mother pulls me aside: "Joseph! We woke up at three in the morning and went downstairs and all the lights in the house were on and the doors were open to the porch, and Christoph was sitting in a chair, passed out, only wearing his underwear!!" [to remind you, Christoph is in this blogpost]

So I went down to breakfast chuckling and Christoph came in looking a little perplexed. "Did you have a fun evening last night!?!?," asked the host dad.

"What do you mean," he replied.

As my host dad told him (in German) what they woke up to and showed him where he was sitting outside, Christoph all of a sudden goes: "ALZO, have you seen my teeth? I wondered why I could not find them when I woke up!"

My host mom walked outside, spotted something, bent over, pointed and declaired: "Ummm, are these them?"

Indeed, Christoph's dentures were miraculously found outside and he proceeded to pick them up and take them to the restroom and clean them!!!!  He had no idea of how they got there and no rememberance of even being outside.  Thank goodness no animals had gotten in while he was passed out, though!

And yes, I actualy took a picture of his dentures being cleaned while he wasn't looking

Counselor who most resembles her pet: Emily Goodwin

It's okay, though, because she gets the award for Rockin'ist mamma EVAH:


Best Only picture I have from the after party:

Ellen Williams and Brian Dunbar (an orchestra counselor who moonlighted as a choir member for the Elijah performances)

Picture that most expresses what I felt like at the end of the trip:

The irony is that this phot was taken at the Chicago airport on the way TO Europe.  We hadn't even left the States yet!

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