Monday, August 30, 2010

Fill it up Again

I was able to spend one night in Crockett before I began my apartment search in Houston and lucky for me my nephew, Luke, was staying with my mom and dad because my brother and sister-in-law were also in the process of moving.  You might remember Joanie making a guest blog post all about Luke while I was away in Europe this summer.
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See the family resemblance?
P8251100Luke with the tiny general and my fabulous welcome back sign!

You can tell this gas pump is from when the car was mine because the price per gallon is $1.25
Luke, I'm pretty sure that car is exactly "road ready" for a drive to Houston

P8251096Also from the relics of Joseph’s past is this t-shirt.  Don’t know what Blue Bell is?  SHAME ON YOU!

bb1  bb2
In Germany they call calories energy.  LOOK AT ALL THAT ENERGY!!!!!

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  1. Please tell Nancy that she does indeed have a darling handsome grandson. (Yes, you're handsome, too, Joseph.) For some reason, I am now craving Java Chocolate Chunk (HEB's answer to Blue Bell Mocha.)


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