Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Grass is Blue

After nine hours on the first day of travel I pulled into Nashville, TN for my first stop on the way to Houston.  (Point of order, I am currently in Crockett and have made it safely to Texas—there will be a “round up” post coming soon!)

Nashville happens to be home to my best friend, Jamie and even though I only got to see her for one night it was definitely worth the visit!  Jamie and I have been friends since she was in seventh grade and I was in eighth.  Because of my limited time I wasn’t really able to do any sight seeing around the city but here are a couple of pictures from two other visits I have made: the first was the aforementioned trip from Texas to Ann Arbor with Jennifer, and the second was when I went down for one of Jamie’s birthdays!

Trip Number One:


Because… why not go to a life size model of the Greek Parthenon at the heart of Tennessee?






Eating at the Loveless Cafe!!!! Jamie is playing the upright bass and apparently there is a ghost in front of Jennifer, who is the kid in the red and white striped shirt


jamie and dolly

At the Country Music Hall of Fame with DOLLY!


Trip Number Two:


The previous picture doesn’t really do her um… ample justice



Having a BLAST and enjoying meeting one of my Nashville replacements at Jamie’s birthday party ;)


Current trip:


I don’t care what anyone says, a bright orange tarp is the perfect back drop for two best friends!



Jamie’s work, Emma.  I’m still not exactly sure who or what Emma is, but she needs to trim that bush under her name!


  1. oh my goodness you kids crack me up. Y'all were always my favorites!

  2. Emma is proprietary email marketing software, Joseph! GAWD! Don't you know ANYTHING? So glad I got a post and seriously miss you already. I'm excited you're going to be in Houston because I think I'll actually get to see you a whole lot more. Just like I visit my family constantly! *weeps in corner*


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