Monday, August 23, 2010

Drivin’ Cross Country

Today I take the big trek back to the homeland (Texas) and will be setting up my life in Houston!  I have actually made the trip two times before,  the first one being the initial move from Texas to Ann Arbor and my mom drove up with me to make sure I drove safely keep me company.  Unfortunately, when we drove in to Ann Arbor we had NO idea that the huuuuge Art Fair was underway in the downtown area and the map we had took us straight through.  And, because I missed the opportunity to talk about this most recent Art Fair and the previous ones on the blog… I’ll include a couple of pictures of them here!
Mmmmmm the “Food Court”
Sooooo many booths are set up all downtown
In fact, at the Art Fair two years ago I got to meet Delta Burke (of Designing Women fame).  She was the spokesperson for some medicine or something and was out peddling her wares on the mean streets of Ann Arbor for those couple of days.
With Delta and my friend Bobby!
The second time I drove was once again from Texas to Ann Arbor with my then new truck, the General.  The Jeep that I had brought up to school in Michigan didn’t exactly like the trip or the locale an decided to quit on me in the middle of Winter on highway 23… at midnight.   AAAAnyway, my friend Jennifer decided to take the plunge and drive up wtih me.  This time we stopped in Nasvhille on the way and stayed a night with my friend Jamie, who luckily for me still lives there and tonight I will stop there again and spend the night before heading all the way down to Texas tomorrow!
There are of course many things that I will miss about this amazing town.
IMG00332For instance… do YOU have a friend who is on the bus in your city?  Didn’t think so!  Rhea played my wife in The Marriage of Figaro that we did last fall.  Also, the Michigan theater is a jewel in Ann Arbor’s crown and I will miss going to see all of the fun, independent movies that come there.

The fairy doors also exist only in Ann Arbor.  In short, they are tiny doors that the “fairies” of Ann Arbor use and they appear at businesses throughout the town.  Children will often leave gifts for them when passing by.  This door happens to be at…
Selo/Shevel gallery.  EVERY time I walk by they always have such interesting and eye-catching window displays

Janet’s Bench: “And the flowers would nod as she walked by” My friends Nate and Jamison used to live in a house not too far from here, and we would often just walk to the nearby park and then sit on this bench for a while and shoot the breeze.  That’s a real saying, right?  Though it isn’t kept up very well at all, I still have fond memories of this place

Any round up of Ann Arbor would be incomplete without a mention to Zingerman’s Deli.  All you need to know is that whatever they serve, it is the best of it.  (Except for cheese grits.  Sorry Z, but nothin’ beats Nancy’s!)

The Summit house (so called because it is at top of Broadway, which is the highest elevated point in Ann Arbor) where I lived in for three years.  It really was a fantastic place and I have sooooo many great memories from there. 

Of course there are many other things that I could include, but quite frankly in the last couple of days while I was in Ann Arbor I kept telling myself I needed to take more pictures of things I would miss but I had to re-prioritize some things and it never got done.  Oh well… guess I’ll just have to come back and take them some other time!
I actually fit 2 more things in here before I closed it.  And by “I” I of course mean…
…Les.  Amanda is being a good helper and pointing to where that alarm clock I haven’t used in 3 years can go!

Next stop: Nashville, TN where I get to see my best friend, Jamie!!!!!!


  1. A picture with Delta burke and a friend "Carrie Style" on a bus? You are quite the Ann Arbor celebrifriend!

  2. I love this post. Makes me miss Ann Arbor like crazy. What a great city.

  3. Sounds like you'll be making some return visits.


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