Monday, August 23, 2010

Animal Song

My last meal in Ann Arbor this morning could be no other place besides The North Side Grill! It is by far my first choice for breakfast in A2 (with Flim Flam a close second), and Kristin and Alyssa joined me to see me off. 




She really wanted to make the 22 hour drive but there was no room in the trailer


I even had a chance to stay with Kristin for two nights when I was hoppin’ around and working and following is the video and photographic evidence of how absolutely adorable Alyssa is.  She’s grown so much since her 1 year photo shoot!



So… Alyssa’s word for “shoe” is “douche,” and being the mature, sophisticated adults that we are, we kinda made her say it over and over.  You know, cause it’s funny


P8140910 P8140911

Imitating Daddy                               Imitating Mommy



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