Sunday, August 22, 2010

School’s Out

So unfortunately, as these things tend to go, moving away comes with having to say goodbye to friends I’ve grown to tolerate adore and places I’ve come to love.  I spent four years and two degrees at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater and Dance and will certainly miss it!


 P8180928So.. this pond is shaped like a piano when looked at from above, except it’s actually not facing the right way.  Too bad it’s so full of algae that it matches the grass, but there is a pretty fountain that is usually on which helps distract from the verdant nature of the water


One of the joys of living basically near the woods is that deer pop up from time to time in the parking lot of the school!

Saturday night a group of my music friends and I went out for drinks as a last goodbye before I head back to the home country.


Jennie Nash and Kristin Eder (the Armide twins)


While waiting for other people to show up I was going to take a picture of the coaster on the table from Arbor Brewing Company for the blog. “Oh that’s boring, let’s do something silly with it,” said Jennie.


This was the first  attempt at the picture, but it fell from my glasses as Kristin was taking the picture.  I happen to like this one better!


L to R: Stephanie, Mary, Brandon and Nicole!


Emily, Jennie, Carroll, Kristin.  THE MOMMIES ARE OUT WITH HEELS AND MAKE UP ON!!

(PS Carroll is having a blast)


Uncle and niece


One of these is not like the other…


You’re so young! Why are you even hanging out with me!


You better skype me, biscuits!

There were also some other people who I was able to see but couldn’t make it out on Saturday.


Kelly and Puffer! Thanks for letting me use your place so muchhhhh!


Jamie (a fellow Texan) and his wife Sofiya (definitely NOT a Texan… she’s from the far away land of Bulgaria)


Lizzie Randolph, whom you might remember was my partner in crime when we got busted by the cops

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