Thursday, August 19, 2010

Children and Art

This week I got the chance to stay with Emily (you might remember her as the mezzo soloist for Elijah), her husband Carroll (lead singer of Kilroy [!]) and their twins, Elliot and Ellison!  Before I get into that, though, here are a couple of pictures from the twins' 2nd birthday, which happened during the Blue Lake homecoming in Ann Arbor last month.

Whadda spread!

COOKIE?!?! (The kids' generic word for food is cookie!)

This week, Emily was kind enough to host our voice teacher, Freda Herseth, to come over for dinner so that we could catch up about our European tour and I would get to see her one last time before I left to go back to Texas.

A cake that Freda brought and two bottles of wine I brought back from France and Germany! YUMMM

The next morning we went and had brunch at Flim Flam with Anthony, one of the counselors for the orchestra at Blue Lake this summer.  Flim Flam is an old greasy diner near north campus that is one of my go-to breakfast places.  I don't think they have had a change of waitresses in about 40 years. I LOVE IT!

I'LL MISS YOU! (Oh, yeah, and you too Emily and Anthony)

Strike a pose, Anthony!

Later that day day I had a chance to join the twins in the sand box at play time!

Annnnnd finally just some random pictures.
Teaching Emily to make Watermellon Salsa


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  1. watermelon salsa - now you're talkin' texan.


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