Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Lass from the Low Countree

For the first time I was able to go to the orchestra concert put on by the Blue Lake International Youth Symphony Orchestra.  They are the group that plays for the Elijah concerts and, like the choir, they also have an independent performance outside of the oratorio. In attendance was the Cultural Ambassador to Germany from America and I made a point to introduce myself during the intermission.  This is basically what our conversation entailed:

Me: "Hello, Mrs. Johnson! I just wanted to introduce myself.  I am not actually in the orchestra but am a soloist for the Elijah performance tomorrow night.  Do I understand correctly that you are a Texan?"
Karen: "Yes, and you are as well?"
Me: "Oh just from a small town in east Texas."
Karen: "Me too!! I'm from Port Arthur!"
Me: "Uh oh, you're gonna get my accent coming out!"
Karen: "Do me a favor... count to five for me."
Me: "Ummm, okay.  One two three four five."
Karen: "There it is!! The *i's* always give it away"
Me: "Exactly!  That and saying the word 'oil'."

We laughed a bit and I had half a mind to say: "Hahahahah... but no, seriously, though, are you hiring?!?" but I thought perhaps intermission at a youth symphony concert wasn't exactly the most appropriate of times to job hunt.  Oh, don't get me wrong... she will be getting an email upn my return to the states!

On the Elijah front there were a couple of fun things that set this performance apart from the others.  Lübeck is home to our maestro and so he got to perform on his own turf which was very exciting for him.  Unfortunately, though, we were performing in yet another gymnasium.  At least this one didn't have carpeted walls!  Thought we didn't have an American diplomat in the audience, we were graced by the cultural minister for the region of Germany which was fun. 

Apparently the flag in the middle is Michigan's flag.  How did it take me four years and another country away to finally see this? 

Maestro and soloists post-performance!

Also, click here to view some pictures that were taken by a local photographer and then later posted online!

You know how you hear those stories about opera singers breaking glass while singing high notes? WELL it kinda actually happened.  John, the tenor, was singing his first aria and I kid.you.not a window pane shattered from the balcony.  He and maestro were a pro and just kept on going until the number was done and then we had a brief pause.

Get it little Elijah tenor soloist!

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