Friday, July 2, 2010

Repeat after me

(So I had planned on getting a couple of posts from Alsace done in the last couple of days but that was put to a halt because of a couple of reasons: A. my own lap top decided that two days before leaving to Europe it was going to call it quits and so now I now longer have one.  RIP DELL INSPIRON!  B. My host sister's computer here in Germany is a Mac and I hardly even know how to use those in English, let alone auf Deutch. So enjoy this silly one I wrote before I left the states, and hopefully I can figure something out on the next stop of the tour.)

Wanting to express your inner minimalist? Check out aM laboratory's Tone Matrix and try to become the next Philip Glass.  Don't know who that is... then check this out as well:

He picked up Oscar and Grammy nominations for his hauntingly beautiful score for The Hours.

Also, anyone remember this trippy gem from vintage Sesame Street?

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