Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Summertime

Even though I am back from Europe I still had ooooone more host family to stay with!  My dad is in Chicago on business this weekend with my mom but didn't get here until today, and Ellen offered to let me stay at her parent's house last night in the meantime.  What an amazingly fun time we had!

Work that salad!


How are we still awake!

Best American host family

I LOVE all of the lizards from around the world on the wall... ub-sessed!!

We have learned to sleep anywhere in the last 5 weeks

Today we went to "Lunch in the Park" in Libertyville, which is set up at the center of their town where restaurants from around the area have booths, there is a live band, etc.

That band was really really horrible... :-/

Pretty flowers, but not quite as great as the ones in Uetersen.  BTW what small town American gathering doesn't have Fire Trucks?!

With Ellen and her mom!

OMG first BBQ in well over a month

Mason wishing it was Gatorade "Plus"

Gotta love the sight of that flag! :) :)

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