Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rose's Turn

The second leg of our German tour stopped in Uetersen, home to the Uetersen Rosarium and the largest Rose Festival in Germany.  We pulled into the town literally fifteen minutes after Germany had a surprise win against Argentina in their World Cup match and were caught in traffic for a good half an hour because people were filling the streets in celebration.  I would much rather have gotten into town after a win than a loss, though!

I don't think her outfit is in the camp dress code!

We were fortunate enough to be in the town while the Rose Festival was going on, and they even had a German band play the American National Anthem for us because we were there on July 4th!  The Rosarium is home to over 1020 different varieties of Roses... take THAT Tyler, Texas!

Many many wedding ceremonies are held under these arches

The Uetersen rose

My host mother "stopping to smell the roses"

I would be a bad opera singer if I didn't include the "Mozart" rose

And the Peer Gynt rose.  (We'll just say these are for Texas, too)

Even Heidi Klum has one... sheesh

The Red Queen would be happy

Yup... I gots me some rose flavored Champagne!!! 

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