Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If I Were a Sailboat

On our free day in Stockelsdorf I was able to go around with John and his host family and do a little more sightseeing in Lübeck.  The first stop was nicknamed the Seamen's church and is where all of the sailors in the olden days (whenever that might have been) would go while in the city. Inside a small room to the side were the remains of a life boat from a crashed ship that held the only eight survivors of the catastrophe.

Replica of the crashed ship

The actual life boat

Across the street was the lodging house for said sailers, and though it has since been turned into a restaurant they still maintained the original interior, including replicas of all the chips that once sailed from the city.

Lodging house exterior and...


Speaking of lodgings, Lübeck is home to the oldest old folks home retirement home youthfully challenged home assisted living facility whatever-the-appropriate-word-is in the world.  When the powers that be decided to turn the building into a museum they simply told the current residents "good bye" (or more likely "auf wiedersehen" a la Heidi Klum) and sent them on their rickety ways.

Small replica of the building

Interior hallway

The bedrooms.  Daisy would NOT fit :(

We then went to the largest church in the city for some more sightseeing and attended the noonday service.

So these are remnants from when the church was destroyed at some point and the bells fell.  The church decided to leave two of them as they were

At noon the clock went to WORK!

This is on the outside of the church

He's such a jolly looking devil! Oh, and the statue is cute too.  (Wah wah)

John, his family and I then gravbed lunch at a nearby outdoor cafe where I had some yummy curried wurst and even yummier beer!

John and I and our best friends.  And no we did not call each other and both decide to wear red.  .  . maybe

To end our day in true sailor fashion we took a boat tour through around the city.  In walking to the harbor we even passed the music high school that Maestro Christoph works at when not heading the Blue Lake choir during the summer.

This boat's name is ELLEN... just like one of the other counselors!

In case you had forgotten who she was.  (Shame on you!)

The Frederick Chopin!

Gah, look at those silly people burning calories!

Lübeck at a distance!

And up close!

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  1. That is the happiest devil I have ever seen! I love the.picture of the.bells!


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