Monday, July 12, 2010

Life in a Glass House

I awoke on the morning of my birthday to hear this outside of my door:

Host dad: (to the wrong tune) "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday..."
Host mom: "Nein, nein" (correctly whispering the tune to him)
Host dad: "Ah, ja ja."
Host mom: "Eins, zwei, drei.."
Together: "HAPPY BITHDAY TO YOU... etc"

It was so sweet and only just a little awkward because I was behind the door and still in my pajamas and didn't really know what the appropriate response should be, so I hurridly put my jeans on while concomitantly assuring them I could hear by saying "yaaaaaaay!" and "danke danke!"  I came out to find a magnificently set breakfast table and a large tine of marzipan with a freshly cut flower on top of it.  Now, for those of you who don't know, Germany is home to my top two favorite candies: one being marzipan and the other being Haribo berries.  I had only found out the previous day while touring L├╝beck that marzipan originated there.  Needless to say I was like a kid in a candy store... because later that day I WAS!

Kilo's of marzipan... fresh as the newly fallen snow!

After breakfast was the choir rehearsal for the kids and the other soloists and I took advantage of our free time and walked a bit around Stockelsdorf.

With Sabrina getting ready to make my birthday drink she bought me... or as I referred to it around the campers: Fanta PLUS

We found this poster at one of the banks nearby!

Upon our return I was treated to a surprise singing of happy birthday by all the choir and the chairman of the town presented me with a packed from the men's choir and greetings from all of the Blue Lake choir!!! They had signed it while I was out walking around-- sneaky little biscuits!  Another one of the host dads who was at the rehearsal came up to me afterwards and said: "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" which, while not exactly what one might say in the states, the sentiment seemed appropriate nonetheless.

Following is my favorite conversation of the day.  I don't know if he stole it from someone else, but it was the first time I had heard it:

Sabrina: "Jack, you need to be careful of what you say.  'People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones,' as they say."
Jack: "What should they throw, then... ... ... *gasp* PARTIES!!!"

The choir's solo program was held that night in yet another beautiful church (jealous much?) and the families had a wonderful reception for us afterwards.

And this was AFTER the evening was over... so much food!

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