Monday, July 5, 2010

Lift Thine Eyes to the Mountains

Resting atop the crest of one of the nearby mountains is the church of Mont St. Odile.  Click here for a more expanded description of our gal Odile, but in a nut shell she is the patroness of good eyesight, as she was born blind and miraculously healed after being baptised by the bishop of Regensburg.

After a quick lunch at the cafe on the hill we explored the beautiful church that overlooks the entire Alsace region.

There are always two women praying in two hour shifts twenty-four hours a day

St. Odile in all her glory.  You can't see it because I couldn't use a flash, but on each page of her book is a large eye.

A garden with a sun dial that tells the time in countries all over the world

Me and my host family!!!

Mosaic inside one of the chapels

Inside a very large, very old Linden tree

To commemorate when the Pope visited


So many bottles of wine yet to be made! :)

On the way down from the top we went by the font of St. Odile, which has been said to cure blindness.  I placed the water over my eyes but unfortunately still need my glasses.  No worries, though, because they are super cute.

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