Monday, November 1, 2010

Lookin’ Back at Myself


Besides being the first of November, today is also the day I put up my 100th post!!!! Let’s take a quick review of the past 228 days, shall we?

I have had five different header pictures.  Included is the cropped version that appeared as the actual header and the full version of each. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010: The Picture Show--  pictures from the 2010 Shanghai World’s Fair




Monday, March 29th, 2010: The Picture Show, Second Verse—stunning photography by the Hubble telescope



Sunday, April 11, 2010: Country Road—digitally manipulated maps used to create pictures of wildlife

header 33 

 header 32

Thursday, June 3, 2010: Margaritaville—aerial photos of a California salt pond


header 42


Tuesday, October 5, 2010: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most—super hi-res photos of works from the Ufizzi



I’ve also made three movie recommendations… which I’m sure you have all watched!

 Clue_Poster    the fall    Into_the_Woods_poster2

         April 12: Clue- The Movie                        June 25: The Fall                       October 24: Into the Woods


Facts you probably don’t find interesting (but I didn’t really ask for your opinion so here they are anyway):

  • Stephen Sondheim’s songs were used more than any other for the titles of my posts:
    • May 4: Another National Anthem (from Assassins)—President Obama speaks at U of M graduation
    • June 20: Into the Woods—being at the Blue Lake camp grounds
    • July 6: Rose’s Turn (Gypsy)—going to the Rose Festival in Uetersen, Germany
    • July 20: Send in the Clowns (A Little Night Music)—Darcia’s mini-cooper with the “no clwns” plate
    • August 1: Gee Office Krupke (West Side Story)—the police “bust” on a movie night at Lizzie’s
    • August 19: Children and Art (Sunday in the Park with George)—weekend with Emily’s twins and a                                                                                          dinner with my voice teacher
    • October 24: God, That’s Good! (Sweeney Todd)—funnily enough, about my favorite Sondheim show
    • October 31: Fear No More (The Frogs)—Halloween post
  • The top three tagged words were:
    1. Pottery Barn (11)
    2. Jan (10)
    3. Elijah (9)
  • Shockingly enough, I have actually already mentioned Aaron Tippin (who sings the song of today’s title) in a previous post.  Mr. Tippin was giving a concert in the same small town my friends were doing an opera festival.
  • Month with the fewest number of posts: May, with an abysmal total of 2.
  • Month with the most: October with 31! My goal was to do as many posts as there were days of the month, but not necessarily one every day. So… you know, gold star and everything. Also, don’t expect this in the future.
  • I have a paltry total of 7 followers.  Wah.      wah.

So… thanks for reading everyone, and a special thanks to Jan, Mallory and Joanie, who all did “guest” blog duties while I was on tour in Europe this summer!!!


Artist: Aaron Tippin/ Album: Lookin’ Back at Myself


  1. I enjoy your voice although I've never heard you sing. Yet.



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