Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give it Back to the Indians




This is the first Thanksgiving in a couple of years that I have been able to be in Texas for the holiday, as the last four I was buried in snow in Ann Arbor.  I got in yesterday afternoon and we headed to the Hill Top Cafe (it’s the one on the top of the hill) and I saw this cookbook for sale:

 2010-11-24 19.41.58   2010-11-24 19.38.59

I’m probably breaking some copyright law… but it’s my mom’s recipe!


For the big feast we had our family friends, the Morrisons, and my granddaddy Dan came over from Kilgore.

2010-11-25 12.22.58


2010-11-25 12.21.56 


  2010-11-25 12.20.57   2010-11-25 13.19.11    


DSC03310Pam and Mom

DSC03307 Paul, Robert, Worth, Dan, Matt, Ray and Me


One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is from six years ago when I was studying abroad in Italy.  My parents, grandparents and aunt Brynda all came over to visit me and we had a non-traditional dinner at a restaurant in Rome.  Well, except for the fact that my mom, fabulous as ever, brought over turkey napkins for the feast.  Needless to say the Italian waiter was a bit confused. 

Picture 713 "Great, the Americans don’t even trust our linens!”


Artist: Ella Fitzgerald/ Album: The Rogers and Hart Songbook

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