Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Excited Southerner Orders a Meal


I had the pleasure of getting to see my dear dear friend, Kelley, this week while she was in town having some lessons. You might remember Kelley from a previous post on my favorite Fall day in Ann Arbor. Basically all we did was eat (gain calories) and laugh (burn calories), so it was a pretty balanced trip for all involved I would say.

The first place we went was actually new to me as well but I have always wanted to go: Mama Ninfa’s!!!!  For those of you who don’t know, Ninfa’s is a Tex-Mex chain here in Texas that is pretty popular, and the original is right here in Houston.   Oh yeah… and it’s also where the fajita was invented.  It’s basically the Mecca of Tex-Mex.


Look how happy she is making us food!!



Before (Avacado’s are the good kind of fat, right?)



After: TAH DAH!!



After “after”: Sopapilla surprise!



Just me and Mama


The best part of Kelley coming to Texas was that I got to introduce her to the heaven that is Blue Bell ice cream… or Blue Bell-polooza as we affectionately called it.


Look at all that protein!!!!… in the box of Kashi underneath the icecream.  (What? She needed to sample!)


Two unfortunate things, one of which I am secretly okay with:

1. Now I have a freezer full of ice cream!

2. For some reason Kelley and I didn’t get a picture together, so here is another one from our Fall day!

me and kelley 

Artist: Adam Sandler/ Album: What the Hell Happened to Me!

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  1. I love Ninfa's! Her green sauce rocks!
    And when you say "rocks", I'd like you to do it in a sing-song voice.


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