Friday, November 19, 2010



My aunt Brynda was in The Woodlands yesterday, so I drove up north and my mom drove down south in order to meet up and make a day of it. I absolutely love my mother’s relationship with her sister… they get along just famously and talk to each other pretty much every day.  (My mother calls Brynda “siter girl,” which I love because I think sounds like it is right out of a Tennessee Williams play). Unfortunately I forgot to grab a picture of them together so I’ll post the only one I have! 


Picture 640

  At the Trevi fountain in Rome. 


Now, any trip to The Woodlands wouldn’t be complete without a visit from Mrs. Mallory and Ms. Paige Yartym.  Luckily we were able to have a lunch date once lil’ bit was done with school (I know, she’s got looks AND brains!)



paigemacncheeseUmmm, the mac and cheese goes in your mouth, not your hair :-/ I guess I take back the “brains” comment!


Artist: Irving Berlin/ Album: White Christmas

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  1. love the look she is giving you in the last picture. what a flirt!


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