Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Picture Show

Oh... I also want to give credit where credit is due concerning the picture at the top of the blog. I'm hoping to change the header photograph frequently and will make sure to letcha know where each one comes from and why I chose it.

This one happens to be cropped from a picture of the work-in-progress United Kingdom pavilion for the Shanghai Expo 2010, perhaps better identified as the futuristic, yet nostalgic sounding: Shanghai Worlds Fair! Check here for the full sized aforementioned picture as well as some other stunning photographs from Hu Jintao's backyard.

When I was younger I always thought the World's Fair sounded like one of the most amazing things imaginable. They never failed to evoke that old Tex Avery cartoon "The House of Tomorrow." Sure it may be a taaaaaad misogynistic and re-enforces negative gender stereotypes. BUT, it has a machine that shuffles bologna sandwiches AND a hot 50's pin-up girl, soooooooo ya win some ya lose some I guess. For an even longer trip down memory lane (and in Louis XIV inspired mauve-mobile no less) check out "The Car of Tomorrow" and "The Farm of Tomorrow."

I didn't even realize that World's Fairs- excuse me- Universal Expo(sitions) were even held any more, but apparently they are going as strong as Evan Lysacek's resolve to convince America he's not a complete tool. The last one held in the US was New Orleans in 1984, and for those of you yearning for an ol' fashioned bowl of kimchi just like mama used to make, look no further than the 2012 Yeosu, South Korea Expo!!! That is, unless the Mayan calendar succeeds in making humanity obsolete by then. That was a movie, right?

Now, off to bed for me before I turn into "The Pumpkin of Tomorrow". . . . . . . ;)

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  1. Evan Lysacek has me completly convinced! ;-)


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