Monday, March 29, 2010

Slow Like Honey

Dear Alton Brown,

We get it-- you're REALLY smart. And nerdy. And, sure, even a little adorable. However, there is no way in hell that I care enough about lamb to build a homemade tandor oven from that spare terracotta fern planter I have just hangin' around in my conservatory. And, while I do find it utterly fascinating to discover the genesis of a wide variety of food stuffs, I do not particularly enjoy seeing a puppetized version of taste buds on a gigantic tongue. It's like an epicurean equivalent of that Lamisil toe fungus commercial... you know, except for your mouth.

Just do like the rest of us: call Raja Rani, tip the delivery guy a couple of dollars, and watch that Lostepisode you had saving up on your DVR while biding your time watching Good Eats.

K Thanks,


  1. JR and I watched a whole episode of his about crawfish. Not that I would eat them before, but now I will NEVER eat them. Thanks Alton!

  2. seriously! not that i ever ate one before, but i remember dissecting them in Ms. Petty's class and the thought of sucking the heads became infinitely less appealing


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