Thursday, March 18, 2010

Starting Here, Starting Now

Wwwwwell hello folks, I've finally bit the proverbial bullet and started a blog (and you all's knows I don't like thinning out my stockpile of ammunition). I have been contemplating this for a while, but in all honesty don't really think my day to day life is all that interesting. No.... seriously, though.

Then I had the idea about starting a blog and having it titled "Letters to my Nephew," on which would be a collection of letters to my 17 month old nephew, but I'm not quite sure any of my advice would be good. Or age appropriate. Orrrrrr legal?

Part of the problem is that I am already worried about in, updating persistently enough that people will keep reading. Nothing's worse than frequenting a blog and seeing that same, sad post about a trip to the apple orchard in the fall. COME ON! The tulips are blooming, the least you could do is tell me what you got for Christmas!! Of course I'm being a bit hyperbolic. I suppose there are worse things: locking your keys in the car, burning your toast in the morning, and running out of toilet paper (you know... ... ... when you need it the most). Now THAT'S the worst. Oh yeah, and warfamineracismredheadsagonypestilencedeathtyranny. Honestly, though, haven't we at least gotten rid of pestilence by now?

The one thing that seems to be a constant in my life is that I am perpetually ub-sessed with new things. Movies, TV, books (pictures, not words of course), music, architecture and every other form of glittery indulgence that falls under the PopCulture umbrella. An umbrella that is most likely made by Prada. And by Prada I unfortunately mean Target.

SO, for my inaugural post I wanna talk about beginnings. More specifically, how ub-sessed I am with television title sequences. Following are just a couple of favorites that I resist the urge to fast forward thru on the DVR. I'll stick to current shows, as there is a litany of choices from years past. Bewitched anybody?

First of all, any show with Jessica Walters automatically deserves a place on my DVR. Nobody plays boozy, brassy socialites like ol' Jessie. Well, her and Nathan Lane. Besides that, though, this opening sequence is by far my favorite. Deal with it, Bond. Scroll down a fourth of a way to watch. If interested in further perusal on the subject, the linked blog also looks at title sequences from both movies and television in fascinating detail.

Parks and Recreation:

This jaunty, rural-sounding theme song make me want to volunteer for trash pick up at the Arb. It reminds me of boy scouts, the outdoors, fresh air, melanoma, second degree burns from ungodly hot playground slides. Well, not so much "reminds me of" but "fits into my notion of what those things might be."

The Graham Norton Show:

The Graham Norton Show Title Sequence

Russ | MySpace Video

I love this mostly because it makes no sense and ESPECIALLY because... it makes absolutely no sense.

30 Rock:

The sequence, with music by Tina Fey's husband, clocks in at a crowd-pleasing 18 seconds-- just 6 seconds more than Lost, which oddly enough seems to last four times as long. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but a catchy theme song and the inclusion of Judah Friedlander blows the tepid charcoal and white floating letters of Lost out of the water. . . Just like their plane. HEYO!

The United States of Tara

Because... who doesn't love a good animated pop-up sequence. PS, if you're not watching this show, download/rent the first season, watch it, tune in for the season 2 premiere this next Monday. DO IT!

So there you have it. Thanks for attending my first blog post EVER!!! There is punch and cookies outside, and please leave your programs at the door for future performances. I can't promise extremely frequent posts, or that they'll be good, or that you'll leave feeling satisfied in any way...

Oh, that's it... there's no "but".


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  1. My punch and cookies are quite tasty, but I'm taking your program to put in my scrapbook, Thanks!
    Loves it!


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