Sunday, May 1, 2011

Married with Children


As I mentioned in a post on Friday, my friends Brett and Kat got married this weekend here in Houston and I was honored with being able to sing a couple of ditties at the wedding (Panis Angelicus is totally a ditty, right?)  I also might have mentioned that my nephew, Luke, was the ring bearer.  From my vantage point in the organ loft I was able to snap a couple of surreptitious pictures of the ceremony…

2011-04-30 19.15.57

He did such a great job!!! It was a cautious walk for about the first third and then a mad sprint to the finish line after that



MONICA! You can’t take pictures during a wedding!!!! (Glad she did though!)


2011-04-30 19.16.55  2011-04-30 19.58.35

                           Not married…                                                                  MARRIED!


So look for a couple of more posts over the next few days… Monica and I basically had a photo shoot at the reception.  PLUS, mom and dad rocked it on the dance floor and I have photographic evidence!

(And not that it necessarily needed explanation, but the “children” referred to in the title would be Luke… in case any of you dainty Southerners were about to have a spell)


Artist: Oasis/ Album: Definitely Maybe

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  1. So glad you cleared that up, because I for one, was about to have a spell! LOL!


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