Saturday, May 7, 2011

Get Up Offa That Thing


It’s been a week since Brett and Kat’s wedding so I figure my photo’s will have reached an expiration date if I don’t get the rest of the reception shots up! After the appetizer portion of the party came dinner and dancing, and Monica and I didn’t let up on either fronts.

For example, here I am acting like I don’t want to push down that little girl to my left in order to get to the chocolate fountain:


2011-04-30 21.19.17

There’s a strawberry in there somewhere, so get off my back already Michelle Obama!!!






Monica managed to take a surreptitious shot with the bouquet



The bride and groom dancing with the band. 


You might notice that Kat has a fuchsia fedora (that sounds much fancier than “pink hat,” right?)—you can always tell a good party when props are passed out.  In addition to hats they also had GLOW BRACELETS and BALLOON INSTRUMENTS and OTHER VARIOUS ENTERTAINING PARTY FAVORS (oh my!)


“Rockin’ out” (part two of two of Monica looking good fake-playing an instrument)



I was havin’ a bit of New Years Eve flashback with my new neon neckwear!



Dad, who stayed out and partied hours after I was home and in bed (… seriously)



The fam!!!!



Monica with Bucket Bull David, a groomsman, former roommate of Matt and Brett’s and winner of the garter.  And by winner I of course mean he was the lone male standing closest to it when it fell on the ground



L to R: Kat’s hand, Brett, Matt, some-girl-I-don’t-know, Joanie, some-other-hand.  Doing an Aggie song/ritual thingy.


Needless to say the whole day was loads of fun (I mean, I did get four blog posts out of it, so that’s not too shabby!) and I am unbelievably happy for Brett and Kat. 


Artist: James Brown/ Album: Sister Act 2

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