Tuesday, January 4, 2011



I spent New Years eve this year with Brad, Michele and Hester at the home of their friends, Brad and Magen.  Best of all, we rang in 2011 with Tex-Mex and glow sticks, baby! (Throw in a Sondheim tune and that’s about my idea of a perfect evening.

Funnily enough, it was at a New Years eve party several years ago that I first met Brad and Michele through Mallory. I am so grateful for their friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The extra !’s mean I really mean it)

2010-12-31 20.37.14

Our hosts fixing fajitas and Brad apparently trying to get a kick-line started (my goal for this blog, as in life, is to make fun of him only 20% of the time)



Magen, showing us that everything’s better with guacamole (and Dos Equis); Brad giving us either his “Blue Steel” or a look of utter annoyance



Magen, her sister Leslie, and Andrew


2010-12-31 21.45.11    2010-12-31 21.46.29



At some point during the evening I heard Michele yelling from the kitchen: “Joseph! JOOOSEEEPH!!!  You gotta take my picture while I’m waving my arms, it’ll look aMAYzing.”  So I did…

2010-12-31 21.52.17

… and it did?



Brad rockin’ the headband



Princess Michele of the Patron tribe

We rung in midnight with a toast of champagne (duh) and the intent to go around the room and announce our resolutions.  I say intent because we just ended up getting refills of champagne and headed out to the patio to celebrate!  Some of you may have been playing the “Um… hey guys, where’s Hester?” game with this post.  So as not to disappoint:

2011-01-01 00.03.01

THERE’S HESTER!!! (Looking fabulous by the way)


So a big, hearty thanks to Brad and Magen for being such wonderful hosts, as well as an even bigger thanks to my date for the evening!

2010-12-31 23.51.16

Taylor Tiger and Me


Plus, you know it can’t be too bad of a party when I got this on my facebook today:


Artist: Genesis/ Album: Wind & Wuthering

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