Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dressed in Your Pajamas in the Grand Salon


And now from trains to an even larger mode of transportation…

I saw this on and it reminded me of a video I saw on someone’s facebook page recently:



Subsequently, when I was home recently picking up the General I got some more books from my old room and one of them was a coffee table all about the Titanic.  Upon seeing it my mother recounted:

“Oooooh yes, the Titanic.  We heard that ship sink every night for a month after you saw that show in New York. What you put those poor people through!”

Ever since I got a CD player in my room I have been in the habit of listening to music as I fall asleep and, yes, at a certain point all I would listen to was the soundtrack to the musical that my grandparents took me to when I was younger (I can still see that crows nest coming out of the ceiling right on front of me from front row balcony!)  Looking back maybe I should have had a CD player and a good set of headphones to lull me to sleep.


Artist: Maury Yeston/ Album: Titanic


  1. ROTFL! Kate Winslet was no shrinking viloet in Titanic, but Jack plus John Travolta in Hair Spray could have fit on that door with her.
    BTW, love the part where the girl in the video says "arive" for "alive"! Bwhahahaha!

  2. what's really funny is that each time i have watched that i just heard it as "rose arrive" because when i've gone to europe they know loosley how to conjugate "to arrive" but use it oddly. I thought it meant "rose arrived on land" or something instead of the more obvious... rose didn't freeze to death


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