Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Soldiers’ Gossip


So I’m not sure if you heard, but on Christmas day the General encountered a bit of combat on the road and ended up losing a transmission in battle.  After a (not so speedy) rush to the doctor in Crockett the old warhorse is driving better than ever.  Plus, he even had some minor plastic surgery under the hands of my dad, who did an awesome job cleaning him.  And when I say “minor” I actually mean “major,” because I know how much dirt was on that floor.

Dad: “Did you know you have several license plates under the back seat.”

Me: “Huh? Oh yeah… it’s the Ballenger in me.  I’m contemplating maybe do something with them one day?”

Plus, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but apparently the rims of my tires were made of metal and not some hardened, clay-like substance.

2011-01-04 14.04.04

So clean you could eat off them!! (Though, to be honest, I wouldn’t.  I think I ran over a possum on the way back)


[As a side note, this picture reminds me of one of Jennifer and me in Chicago at the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park.]




Aaaaanyway, the drive back was just lovely and there was quite a sunset to gaze at along the way!

2011-01-02 17.26.43


2011-01-02 17.23.05


2011-01-02 16.57.51


2011-01-02 17.24.07


Artist: Steven Sondheim/ Album: Passion


  1. I just hung the plates from my truck I sold in 2005 on the garage wall. They made the move from Dallas to Arlington to Forney to Haslet to Richardson before doing something.


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