Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear, Pretty Youth


I had originally planned on making this post whenever I went to see Julie Taymore’s The Tempest in theaters, but seeing as how A.) It never actually came to Houston and B.) it got pretty universally mediocre reviews, I thought I would include it as part of my pre-Spring cleaning duties.  Plus, I still can’t stop thinking about her previous, extremely successful attempt at transferring Shakespeare to the screen, Titus, an enthralling (though not for the faint of heart) adaptation of his earlier and less known work, Titus Andronicus.   Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still see it when it comes to DVD, just a little bummed I couldn’t get the whole “theatrical experience” of it all.



Now, my connection to The Tempest goes beyond just wanting to see a movie version.  While at Jordan School our class did a production of the play and I got to perform the role of Prospero (which was changed to Prospera in the movie for Helen Mirren).  That’s right baby, that would be the lead role!  It was most likely a pretty awful display of thespianism but it did start an interest in the Bard that I still have today.  So… thanks, Mr. C!!  Also, I haven’t seen many of these people in a long time and they may or may not despise that I put these pictures on my blog for all to see.  Rest easy, though, because “for all to see” sadly translates into “for about seven to see".


LOOK AT MY BLING! (Also, the girl dressed in white standing next to me you might recognize from my post about seeing Vampire Weekend last year—it’s LIZ!!!)



Nike’s were apparently pretty easy to come by on a deserted, mystical island.


Artist: Anne Sophie von Otter (from Henry Purcell’s The Tempest)/ Album: Music for a While—Baroque Melodies

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