Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Interpretation


The 33.3 Art Show is a project in which, as the website puts it, “Thirty three and a third artists and designers reinterpret and reimagine existing album covers.”  Seeing as how they do a pretty good job of explaining it, here are a couple of my favorites, along with the original cover and some of the artists explanations.  Follow the above link for the remaining selections.

Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes  (Rachel & Adam Little)

33_26photo   33_26b

“While I prefer a hand-drawn, organic style; he embraces the modern and sleek. By stepping away from our computers and adventuring into the previously uncharted territory of cut paper, we were able to collaborate on new ground. […] And we also felt that Robin Pecknold's beard should be celebrated. The five songbirds within the beard represent each harmonizing band member, and we hope the design as a whole expresses the overall woodsy, wintery feel of the album.”


Prince: Purple Rain  (Mike Nelson)

33_23photo   33_23b

“The reason that I chose to reinterpret this album is because Prince seems to be constantly reinventing himself as an artist. That has inspired me to evolve this cool cat, motorcycle-drivin cover art to a calmer, Zen-like creation (much like the Prince of nowadays). You will notice that all 9 songs from the album have been integrated into the design.”


Sufijan Stevens: Illinois (Ty Wilkins)

33_32photo   33_32b

“My illustration references his lyrics and also reoccurring themes like death and inexplicable phenomena. State symbols such as the white-tailed deer, white oak, Chicago star and the monarch butterfly are filled with vibrant color and brushwork.”


Buddy Holly: That’ll Be the Day (Megan Pralle)

33_22photo   33_22b

“Buddy Holly was busting at the seams with talent and determination but I had to imagine when he was making records the last thing he worried about was what his album cover looked like. There are obviously numerous ways to capture the persona of Buddy Holly and I considered using his iconic glasses as a main focus but I decided that’s not why he was great, that’s not who he was.”


Artist: Mika/ Album: Life in Cartoon Motion

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