Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sweet Painted Lady


Whenever I find an article or video online that I think I may want to post about later I always throw it in my favorites folder thinking “I should blog about this later tonight!”  Inevitably I never get to it, and as I added another one recently I was a bit overwhelmed with how many had accumulated over the last couple of months.  So in an effort to do a little pre-Spring cleaning you will probably be seeing more art-heavy posts for a while. That is, unless I have something interesting happen to me I feel worthy of blogging about. (Which basically translates to “it’s gonna be all art from here on out, baby”… wah wah)

Posts like these generally are divided into three types: 1. Something that I see reminds me of a saved site and I incorporate the anecdote as a introduction of sorts to the artist or video (I had been sitting on Saturday’ ink pictures for quite a while, and I already have the first day of Spring and April fools written). 3. I use it as a chance to put up a new banner photo.  OR 2.  Something becomes saved for so long that I get anxious I’ll forget it and I just post it.  Today’s post will be of the latter variation.

I don’t actually remember what led me to this blog post about artist, Desiree Palmen’s, fascinating painted clothing. 

“First she takes photographs of the scene then, back in the studio, she meticulously transfers the detail on to the cotton suit with acrylic paints. […] She makes cotton suits and paints the camouflage on by hand, painstakingly matching it to the chosen background. Either she or a model then poses in the suit in the chosen place.The scenes are photographed and filmed and then put on display.”

Basically I wish I had one of these at work painted like the candle wall or something so I could just hide when a needy housewife wants me to entertain her until her kids get off from school.






stairs   boekenkast   door






Artist: Elton John/ Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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