Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shut the Club Down


If you’ve read my blog in the last month then you are most likely aware of some shenanigans I’ve gotten into with a certain trio of twenty-somethings.  Unfortunately, one third of that trio had to part ways with Houston and, as a depressing byproduct, with me!  If you’re aware of our previous outings (and innings) then you know there was no way we weren’t going out without a fight. Or as I like to remember it: a night of Girl Talk, glow sticks, giant balloons, grief and goodbyes.

Brad got us all tickets to go see Girl Talk, a D.J. who is currently on a nationwide tour.  He was originally supposed to play at the House of Blues but they sold out so quickly they had to change to the Verizon Wireless Theater (where I saw Vampire Weekend with Liz) in order to accommodate a larger crowd.  I happened to arrive a little late during the interval between the opening act an the main stage performance, increasingly encouraged by a stream of “He’s almost on!!!” and “Hurry while you can still find us, we’re ten feet from the stage dead center” and “ look for Hester, she’s waving her glow sticks for you!!” texts from Brad.  Needless to say this feat was much easier said than done in a room full of glow-laden products (sticks, bands, necklaces, etc). 

2011-01-13 21.45.05

“Umm… no seriously guys, WHERE’S HESTER?!?!?”


Just about the time I managed to find her neon raised hand I could see she was also yelling something to the nearby throngs in a manner I can only describe as regal (she is British after all).  Then, as if straight out of a Charleton Heston film, the crowd parted in order that I could pass through. … Seriously.  As I was too stunned to think to take a picture, I have created an artists rendering  of the event:




The concert (is that what it’s called when you go see a D.J.?) began soon after and I can say it definitely wasn’t like a night at the symphony.

2011-01-13 22.24.15


2011-01-13 22.26.24

Giving a shout out to the violin section???


First of all, they have much more festive decorations.  Giant rubber balls anyone?


But come on… that’s amateur stuff.  I’ll see that and raise you a giant inflatable tube filled with confetti.


And if you’re gonna have confetti in a tube, why not just have it everywhere!!

2011-01-13 21.32.50


Aw hell, let’s just throw in a toilet paper blower and call it a night.

2011-01-13 21.11.01



But what good’s a party if you don’t have some interesting guests to keep you entertained.  Let’s take a look at some of our favorite personalities throughout the evening.

2011-01-13 21.58.04

Early on in the evening this girl got in a fight with another girl and ended it by throwing her drink everywhere.  She stood in this one spot and cried for about 20 minutes, all the while people were just dancing all around her.  WHAT WAS HAPPENING?!?!


2011-01-13 22.20.26

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum, these two couldn’t stop making out right in front of us.  Side note: did you know that one theory on how the design of the heart shape ( <3 ) came about is that it mimics the shape of two heads kissing?  I submit this as exhibit A.


2011-01-13 22.14.26



And finally, my favorite personality of the whole evening:

2011-01-13 21.33.07



A fantastic evening for a fantastic farewell for a fantastic friend.  FANTASTIC!!!

2011-01-13 22.26.04



Artist: Girl Talk/ Album: Feed the Animals

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