Friday, January 14, 2011

It’s Not Right But It’s Okay


Oooooooookay. I was getting on youtube today and, as always, gave a quick glance at the “Recommended for you” section and came across this GEM!

Because you watched Kim Burrell and Harry Connick, Jr. “I Pray on Christmas” (featured on a previous post)

Kim Burrell paying tribute to Whitney Elizabeth Houston.  (PS Who knew she and Hitler shared a middle name?)


Let’s break this one down, shall we?

- First and foremost, I actually really like Kim Burrell’s voice, but let’s be honest… Whitney delivers like Domino’s with the crazy

- At what point do you think Kim thinks to herself “You know what? I’m gonna see how many runs I can do until Whitney just loses it.”  It is my opinion this happens about fifteen seconds into her performance at…

- :33 Whitney, you are in PUBLIC

- 1:47 Surely she’ll sit back down eventually, right?  (she doesn’t)

- Whitney really really loves her some downward runs

- 2:55 Maestro Houston to stage right, please



Artist: Whitney Houston/ Album: My Love is Your Love


  1. man. this just reminds me of all the shit this poor woman has been through. (did you SEE her on Oprah? it was TRAGIC) imagine what her daughter's memoirs will say when Whit has passed. Bet it will BLOW OUR MINDS. This poor duck has obviously exited the building. But then again, I get that emotional when Kim Burrell sings too...

  2. also, lady at 3:36 on (over Whit's left shoulder) --the face is hysterical. SHe is SO embarrassed for her.


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