Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Glory Train


There is a wonderful John Dominis photograph in Catherine’s office at the John Cleary Gallery (don’t miss the Renate Aller: One View, Ten Years opening this Saturday between 6-8) that reminds me of some videos I’ve been holding on to for a while.  So… two birds/one stone and all, I thought I would give you train spotters out there a shout out!


“Southern Pacific Engine, Donner Pass, CA” 1949


The first is actually the fifth in a thirteen part series of that gives us a “conductors view” of the 7.5 hour/300 mile journey from Bergen to Oslo:                                                                                                            [via io9]


Next up is video artist Graeme Taylor’s supremely slow motion “drive by” of the Bath Spa depot in Britain. I especially love that you can see the flickering of the halogen lights in the station beginning around :49.  

[via Gawker]

Artist: Randy Newman/ Album: Faust (Concept Album)

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