Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Talk Show Host


So today is Queen Oprah’s last day at her talk show and not that I was an avid watcher by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly a seismic shift of large proportions on the pop culture Richter scale.  (Andy Richter, that is, not that four eyed dweeb Charles) And let’s be honest, without pop culture I’d be reduced to a withering hull of a human being.

Speaking of Team Coco, I’ve put up a couple of Oprah-centric video’s I love, the first of which comes from The Conan O’Brian Show. It’s a riff on the famous “FREE CAAAAARRRR” episode.


Next up is Kathy Griffin talking about Oprah and Gayle participating in one of PBS’s “Frontier” reality shows.  It’s an excerpt from one of her Bravo specials so any of her saltier language is bleeped out. And you know Mizz Griffin is like the Morton’s of MSG.

The last one can be seen here (I tried tirelessly to find one that I could embed on the blog but it’s almost non-existent and NBC has the clamp down on putting it back up.)  It’s an SNL skit about Oprah’s Favorite Things from a couple of years ago. I also read today that her give-aways have amassed almost a cool $25 million since starting (!). Keep an eye out for a shout out to Greenburg Turkeys, which our family gets every year for Thanksgiving from Tyler, TX. They changed the name of it for the skit but Greenburg actually was one of her favorite things one year. 

Artist: Radiohead/ Album: Moonstruck

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