Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Day


In the midst of getting ready (both mentally and musically) for Blue Lake this last weekend I completely forgot to post about my singing at the commencement ceremonies for the Houston campus of Texas Woman’s University last Sunday.  The event was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center and, though I’m sure I must have gone at some point in my childhood, I can’t actually recall doing anything but driving past the behemoth building since moving to Houston.

2011-05-15 15.40.36

Get it, George!


One of the perks of being part of the podium posse is that you don’t have to gather with all of the riff raff commoners before the procession (aka the graduates).  I didn’t really take many pictures at the event but managed to snap one of the faculty ready room.

2011-05-15 13.44.10


For those of you interested in the musical selections for the event, I sang the National Anthem (duh), the TWU Alma Mater (set to the tune of the Russian National Anthem), and a little ditty called “To The Texas Woman’s University.”  Whenever I first told Catherine I got the gig she immediately went: PUH-LEEAAAAASE tell me you’re going to be singing “Climb Every Mountain”?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Though the answer was obviously no, amazingly enough as I was driving home from the commencement I turned on the radio and I kid. you. not—it was playing on NPR.  What syzygy! So, because apparently Catherine needs a bit of a Rogers and Hammerstein II fix… I must oblige.



I never particularly get over to this area of the city and it was nice to get a different vantage point of the downtown area from the convention center.

2011-05-15 15.37.37



It really is hard to believe I’ve been out of school for a year already, and in the spirit of the day (and because I know I haven’t put one of these pictures up on the blog yet) here are some snapshots from my own college graduations!


Baylor University 2006     


PhotoNotAvailable      Wolverine_statue

  U of M 2008 (confession: I didn’t go to the ceremony)                                     U of M 2010  


Artist: Kanye West/ Album: The College Dropout


  1. Quite an honor. Now enjoy your summer tour.

  2. I'm totally impressed!
    And I've never been to GRB either.


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