Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10,000 Times


For this, my 175th post, I thought I would celebrate a blog milestone: this week I passed 10,000 page views.  This is both an over (and oddly enough) understatement as A.) a modicum of those are my own visits BUT B.) the numbers only go back to June for some reason, so data is missing from March, April and May.

There’s a lot more statistics I’ll share at a later date about exactly how I might have gotten that many, but today I figured I’d provide a chance for some of you to catch up on the previous 174 posts with my “Top Ten” selection—now with updates on some older ones!


May 4th, 2010: President Obama speaks at my graduation

Another National Anthem

Wolverine_statue  Stadium_shot  Mary_Excited 


June 20th, 2010: Introduction to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

Into the Woods

P6170007  P6190047  P6190044 


August 29th, 2010: Moving from Ann Arbor to Houston

If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)


 P8241063 P8231023


October 14th, 2010: The Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Sophisticated Lady

2010-10-07 16.28.12  2010-10-07 16.37.26  2010-10-07 16.59.21


November 20th, 2010: A collection of stairs (yup, that’s it…)

On the Steps of the Palace

maastrich-weilaretsarchitects longchamp_02 umschreibung-rewriting-olafureliasson

December 5th, 2010: The John Cleary Gallery Christmas show

A Snowglobe Christmas

2010-12-04 20.28.30 2010-12-04 19.50.42 jerry1

December 19th, 2010:
Ultimate party crashing

The Party’s Crashing Us

Capturejpg  2010-12-11 22.09.24  2010-12-11 22.15.19


January 16th, 2011: Hester’s goodbye party at Girl Talk

Shut the Club Down

2011-01-13 22.26.24  moses-parts-the-red-sea2  2011-01-13 21.32.50


February 3rd, 2011: Dead Man Walking at HGO plus after party

Woman on the Tier

2011-01-22_21.00.46 didonatochair460a P1010915


February 10th, 2011: Amelie/Yann Tiersen at Fitzgerald’s

The Ballad of Booth

amelie_ver1  jane-krakowski-godiva  2011-02-04 23.40.39

Obviously this is only a brief smattering of these last eleven months… so feel free to do a little back catalogue viewing whenever the boredom ensues.  You know, like how you felt about a third of a way into reading this post.  I love comments and/or suggestions and while you’re at it, go ahead and subscribe—I’m still at a paltry (and unlucky) thirteen.

Anyway, here’s to approximately 10,000 more!!!!

Artist: Blu Cantrell/ Album: So Blu

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