Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trouble is a Friend



Niagara falls, baybay!


Yesterday was my friend, Jennifer’s, twentywguskn-th birthday and I thought I would take this opportunity for a skip down memory lane if you will.  Oh, and YOU WILL!!

Jennifer and I met when we were freshmen at Baylor and shared a music theory class together.  Sometimes we’d even sit at football games together if I could find her. I always enjoyed finding someone I knew so I could just chat and joke around and not really have to pay attention to the game.  She remembers them a bit differently, though: “Yeah… did you know that I really didn’t know who you were when you used to sit by me? It was really awkward.”  I guess I revel in awkward, though, because I had no idea.  Or like the time when I asked for her phone number so we could hang out:

Me: (after getting her number) So your last name’s Whalen, right? How do you spell that?

Jennifer: W-H-A-L-E-N. Aaaaaaaaaaaand how is it that you spell yours again?

Me: Ummm, it’s Roberts.  You don’t even know my name, do you?

Jennifer: I knew your first name was Joseph, let’s just go from there.

And so a great friendship was born, like most of mine are, out of sheer determination and sticktoitiveness. Like when I met my friend Janai and said: “Yeah, you may not know this, but we WILL be good friends.”  I basically just wear people down until they can’t give up much of a fight any more—you may not like me in the beginning, but eventually you’ll learn it’s just easier in the long run to just nod and smile.  (Just like you’re probably doing right now).



Playing a rollicking round of “Catch My Leg”  Apparently I won that round. (Other favorite games include “One, Two, Three Pick-a-Note” and “Scrunch Your Face”, the latter of which she almost always wins. [She can’t help it, her face just looks that way.])



Weez be ejucaded!!!!!



In Chicago, after she drove up from Texas to Ann Arbor for the first time with the General



It’s kinda hard to look this cool in a McAlisters… but I’m pretty sure we’re the exception to the rule here



We’re not actually singing here, it’s all STAGED!


Artist: Lenka/ Album: Lenka

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