Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Ladies Who Lunch


Deciding that a change of pace from the museums and monuments of the Mall was in order, Mary Anne and David took me out to Old Town Alexandria for lunch at one of their favorite restaurants.  On the way we passed the Masonic Temple where George Washington was once a member!

2011-02-26 16.22.57


Reminiscent of an old-school European café, Le Pain Quotidien was the PERFECT choice for a lazy Saturday afternoon brunch.  I live for eateries such as these!!! (Yes, I used the word “eatery”… get over it).

2011-02-26 13.46.12  2011-02-26 13.45.28

The upstairs dining area had a gigantic “family style” table set up where we sat and dined on fabulous French-inspired food.

2011-02-26 13.42.50

“Damnit, we’re out of Pledge AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Why in God’s name did they made this table so long!”

2011-02-26 13.00.02

My tuna tartine with hummus, white beans, tomatoes and basil pesto. 


(While we’re on the subject of hummus… Washington D.C. was actually the first place I ever had what has now come to be one of my favorite foods.  We were staying at Jim and Ginny’s brownstone during our first [I think] visit to the city and Ginny told me something you are never supposed to tell a fat kid: “anything in the fridge is yours if you want it!”  I found a container of it and my taste buds have never been the same since.)


Rockin’ my Starter jacket


Mary Anne had already warned taunted me about their hot chocolate, so naturally I ordered me a buh-big mug full of cacao and soy milk goodness.

2011-02-26 13.22.51

Normally I’d say that the “J” was an intentional initial shout-out for Joseph, but this time it was purely coincidental

Worry not, Mary Anne and David weren’t about to miss out on any of the action.

2011-02-26 13.25.15

Don’t even THINK about touching my cappuccino!!!

Artist: Stephen Sondheim/ Album: Company

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  1. Yes!! Le Pain Quotidien is one of my FAVORITE places to go in northern Virginia! And yes, I usually get the hot chocolate.... oooh my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!
    I'm so glad you got to experience some of old town!


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