Saturday, February 26, 2011

When the Suns Come Out


At one point we had to endure a brief, yet quite torrential, downpour.  If it were June I would have called it a summer shower but, you know, it’s still February.  Lucky for us it only lasted about ten minutes and the sky remained stunning for the remainder of the day.

When I was a senior in High School our church choir took a tour to Washington D.C. to perform with other choirs from around the country.  As Congressman Turner is a member of our church were were able to get a group picture taken on the steps on the Capitol building with him and Ginny!



With such a short span of time in the area I had to pick and choose which buildings/museums to delve into and which to just take at what essentially amounts to “face value.”  This go around the Capitol happens to fall into the latter of the two.

2011-02-25 15.01.09

And, for a further insight into how my mind works, I took this picture from here because the view reminded me of one of Renate Aller’s photographs now on display at the John Cleary Gallery in Houston. You see the resemblance, right? RIGHT!?!?!


2011-02-25 14.55.16

I dunno… some statue of some guy on some horse.  It’s probably historically important?


2011-02-25 14.53.58

“There it is,” as David said, “your tax dollars at… something.”


Artist: Judy Garland/ Album: The Capitol Years

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