Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Real Gourmet Kitchen


One of my must sees for this trip was an exhibit at the American History Museum:

2011-02-25 16.57.11


2011-02-25 16.57.39  2011-02-25 16.58.07

I immediately texted a picture to my mother:

Me: Julia Childs had nothin’ on Joyce!!!

Mom: Isn’t the turquoise something! That exhibit is so fun to see.

Me: Well… it’s certainly no avocado or harvest gold.

Now, I couldn’t help but think while watching some of the clips from her cooking show that someone should make a movie about her life.  I mean… honestly, why hasn’t that happened yet.  OMG, you know who would be PERFECT to play that role, right?

That was for you, Jan.  (Well, mostly for me… but I knew you’d love it)


And, while we’re on a Jan kick.  I realize that I’m not exactly singing with them like you have requested in the past, but this is the best and the closest I could manage.

2011-02-25 16.50.39

Get it little Muppets!!!


The museum is also home to a fabulous collection of presidential and first lady ephemera, including inaugural gowns.

 2011-02-25 16.38.20  2011-02-25 16.38.54

Michelle Obama  And… for those of you foaming at the mouth, I’ve also included Nancy Reagan


Yeah, those are okay I guess.  However, the BEST gown they had on display was a couple of floors up.

2011-02-25 16.46.02

This is for you, Jeremy!!!!


The other exhibit I would have been remiss to miss is Stephen Colbert’s portrait, once on display in the National Portrait Gallery (next to the restrooms) and now a part of the permanent collection of the American History Museum.  But seriously… I wasn’t going to get out of this town without seeing it. 

2011-02-25 16.47.20


And, finally, a picture of something many of you who read my blog with any consistency will feel I have lost:

2011-02-25 17.02.47

“In 1884, the marble industry was born in Ohio when the first mass-produced marbles were made—creating a toy that many children could afford.”

Artist: Michael Giacchino/ Album: Ratatouille

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  1. Julia Child, Modern Family, Muppets, and Nancy Reagan! This post is per-fec-tion!


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