Monday, February 14, 2011

Too Much Exposition


As I mentioned earlier today, my mind tends to work a bit circuitously… one thing will remind me of another then another then another until there are more tangents than a tenth grade geometry teacher knows what to do with (I’m talkin’ to YOU Mr. Burns)

At any rate, I came across this advertisement a while ago while looking for a lint roller at H.E.B and, though I never found that damn roller, I did come away with this jewel.

2011-02-02 20.05.14



Plus, here’s the celebrity work-out video she did that Jack Donaghy said was even worse than Tracy Jordan Meat Machine.

Cue comment from Jan in 3… 2…

Artist: Mark Hollman/ Album: Urinetown


  1. So I was watching The View yesterday. Apparently, a NYT writer left Whoopi (and a few others) out of a list of black actors who have won Oscars. They were all going on about how outraged they were, they have cancelled their subscriptions, the New York Times is a subpar publication, yada yada yada. And Whoopi was going on about how she was the first black actress in 70 years to win for Ghost, and she's got the EGOT, and she's been in over 50 movies, so she deserves some RESPECT! So this? This Poise ad? Puts it ALL in perspective!!!


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