Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Gallery


Now, many of you know I love a good art museum; it’s generally top on the list of sites to see in a foreign city and I have been fortunate enough to visit many of the greats both here and abroad.  So what better way to spend the afternoon than by visiting America’s flagship, the National Gallery of Art.  (Once again, I’ll do my very best to truncate the number of pictures I post… otherwise I’d just end up submitting the entire collection!)

2011-02-25 15.48.25

“The Old Violin” by William Michael Harnett.  This has been one of my favorite paintings ever since I was very very young and saw it for the first time with my mom when we visited D.C. years ago.  There’s even a large print of it in my apartment and I love being able to see it every day


2011-02-25 15.26.26

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Sheet of Studies.” One fantastic artist and one kick ass mutant superhero


2011-02-25 15.29.45  11938720_gal

Modigliani’s “Portrait of a Young Yentyl”  “Chaim Soutine.”  Yup… you heard me right


2011-02-25 15.30.26

Jacques-Louis David’s “Portrait of a Young Woman in White” Subtitled: the face that about 1/4 of the readers of this blog made after seeing the previous picture.  Also, this is how Lena used to glare at Mason and me after making fun of the German language. AUS FAHRT, baby!!!!


2011-02-25 16.07.11

Water fountain in the connecting corridors between the east and west buildings


2011-02-25 16.11.32

Stairway in the west building.


And now for the family shout out portion of this post!!

Mom (ever the southern belle):

2011-02-25 15.48.40

Martin Johnson Heade’s “Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth”



2011-02-25 15.51.40

Thomas Cole’s “The Voyage of Life: Childhood,” the first in a series of four allegorical paintings representing the different stages of life as well as one of my dad’s favorite art works



2011-02-25 15.46.56

KILL IT!!! Winslow Homer’s “Right and Left.”  For the life of me I have never understood why that boatman went hunting in such rough weather.  Maybe The Real Housewives of Atlanta was on re-run that week.


Artist: Joni Mitchell/ Album: Clouds

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