Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Lion Sleeps Tonight


One of the joys of living in Houston is that I am only a car ride away from so many family members.  Granted, “car ride” is a bit of a vague term seeing as how my paternal grandparents live a brisk nine hours away in Midland, TX, but that was bred into me when I was young so long car rides are no problem for me.

At about half that distance is Dallas, which is just close enough I can justify heading up there to see Matt, Joanie, Luke and Benjamin when I have two days off in a row.

Benjamin is just over a month old and I can’t even begin to imagine how much juggling Joanie has to do sometimes, so I tried to keep Luke occupied as much as possible.  It was a nice day out, so side walk chalk was perfect!

2011-02-16 17.55.38

A little art imitating life, if you will.  (Oh… and you WILL!)


2011-02-16 17.57.13  2011-02-16 17.57.21

Mom (Joanie, who I don’t think I’ve ever seen wear a flower pin)                   Dad, D.D.S


2011-02-16 17.56.21

Uncle Joseph and Baby Benjamin! (My shirt is in the picture on purpose so you can see Luke’s attention to detail)


We also had a chance to go to the park Luke’s park with mom and baby bro in tow.  There is a nice little creek leading to a waterfall that is a short walk over this nice bridge Luke’s bridge and down a path.  On the way there we passed this tree.  Luke seemed to think it looked like Granddaddy Matt… but I don’t quite see the resemblance. Those crazy kids and their imaginations!

2011-02-17_11.17.38  2011-02-17 11.17.38


Credit goes to paparazza Joanie for this next shot, as she was hangin’ back on the park bench with Benjamin.  She had the caption “Pondering life with Uncle Joseph” under it when she uploaded it to facebook.  Ironically, at one point when we were there I thought it would be funny to say something like… “One day, kid, aaaaaalllll this’ll be yours!” but knew Joanie was about 20 feet too far away and Luke was about 15 years too young to get the allusion to Hamlet The Lion King. In reality, though, we were talkin’ sticks and what color the garbage was stuck in the falls (green, in case you were wondering).



I also got to witness, right before Luke went down for his nap, something that I had read about on Joanie’s blog that I think is hi.lar.i.ous and have been telling everyone I can.

When we are putting him to bed, we go through the standard sayings: "Sleep tight Luke,"  "I love you," "Night night," "Sweet dreams."  But lately the last thing he has been saying to us is "Don't wake up."  Which is just about the most disconcerting thing a mother can hear.  "No, Luke, please, please wake up!!"  It's so odd because he's always been such a good sleeper that we've never asked him to not wake up in the night.  Still, it's kind of eery and I won't be sad when he stops saying it!

As I was giving him a hug goodbye and tucking him in to bed he looked up at me and goes “DON’T WAKE UP, UNCLE JOSEPH!!” with the most cherub like smile on his face.  Creeeepy and hilarious!!!


Artist: Elton John/ Album: The Lion King


  1. This whole post is just precious.
    Will you please come be my Manny? I'll expect chalk drawings each day.

  2. Luke and Benjamin are quite lucky to have such a cool uncle.


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