Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy Target


After our perfectly Parisian lunch at Le Pain Quotidien  we headed to The Torpedo Factory art center, a former well… torpedo factory located on the waterfront that is now home to three stories of art studios and galleries.  Translation: HEAVEN!!!!

2011-02-26 16.08.232


I mean, with over three stories of studios it would be impossible to not find at least one thing you like here.  Lucky for me I found many many pieces and didn’t even get to explore about a third of it!

2011-02-26 15.07.39

Hugh Jones’ “The Tree of Life” photo on aluminum.  I. LOVE. THIS!!! (that would be dna code in the leaves, btw)


2011-02-26 14.44.35

Peggy Wood's “Moon and Stars Pumpkin”  You could make a kick-ass batch of watermelon salsa from this!


2011-02-26 14.45.58

When I saw this I couldn’t help but remember one of our family trips down to Galveston.  If you don’t know, the waters there unbelievably murky and, due to the stingray population, one has to do the “Texas shuffle,” which involves not stepping but shuffling (obvs.)  So… I was shuffilin’ along and all of a sudden I felt something hit up against my leg.  My first reaction was a certain sharp-toothed, finned animal was about to pounce! Once I stopped moving, however, the banging stopped.  That is, until I headed back to shore and it became even more prevalent. Naturally the first thing I proceeded to do was yell “SHAAAAAAARRRRRRKKKK!!!!!!!” at the top of my lungs, leading to a complete evacuation of the beach.  Turns out the insole of my water shoe had become dislodged and was the true culprit.  Needless to say I had a shoreline full of people who were livid with me, none more so than my brother.  Well… at least that’s how I remember it. (I’m still sorry, Matt!)


One of the coolest parts was that because these are actual studios, the artist could often be seen working in plain view.

2011-02-26 15.04.51  2011-02-26 15.00.13


I also felt this would be as appropriate a time as any to debut my new (and first!) t-shirt from woot.  I extolled my love for them once before and it’s probably not the last time you’ll here about it.


Andy Pitt’s “Colors of a Feather”


Plus, I’m all for ANY excuse for a fashion show:

  2011-02-26 22.15.19  2011-02-26 22.14.25

2011-02-26 22.14.29

It’s the return of the Arkansas stank face!!!!!


Artist: Heart/ Album: Bad Animals

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  1. OMG your face in that third shot! Hahahahaha, that's amazing.


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