Friday, February 25, 2011

Modern Times


Fair warning, you’re most likely going to be inundated with lots o’ posts over the next couple of days due to the incredible amount of museums, sites and events I am trying to pack into my mini-vacation.  I’ll try and vary them a bit so it’s not an art post after an art post, but no promises.

With the morning and large portion of the afternoon free, Mary Anne and David were kind enough to act as tour guide to some of the Smithsonian museums and the first stop on our list was the Hirshhorn Museum of Contemporary Art.  As with future posts from the other museums I will do my best to limit the pictures to those of only my favorite pieces, a process that seems almost unfair due to not only the breadth of instillations, but also because I liked so many.

I feel no remorse in including Edward Hopper’s “First Row Orchestra” at the top of the heap.  If, with a gun held  to my head, I had to choose a favorite artist, Hopper would undoubtedly be the name that would immediately pop out.  It’s certainly audacious to assume a pistol bearing miscreant would take the time to inquire about my taste in the visual arts in the midst of, you know, robbing me an all, but stranger things have happened I guess.

2011-02-25 13.12.04

She is NOT in the mood for Bartok tonight


This next piece reminds me of a row of dilapidated buildings on the outskirts of Crockett.  I wish I had a picture of them to show a comparison but, unlike other random photo holdings I have, it’s not hiding in the bowels of my computer’s processor.  I even told Mary Anne something like: “The sad thing is that a part of me wants to call someone in Crockett, have them go to Grapeland and take a picture of them and email it so I can use it for the blog.”  Yes, folks, that’s what my life has come to these days.  Those of you in my Houston County entourage will hopefully know what I’m talking about!

2011-02-25 13.23.52

Siah Armajani’s “Fibonacci House Bridge” (1986)


Our next piece comes from Mr. 15 Minutes of Fame himself, Andy Warhol; though, to be honest, I found it to be lacking something and took it upon myself to add the finishing touches to his piece entitled “Marilyn Monroe’s Lips.”

2011-02-25 13.34.30

Even movie starts need a little help from Burt every now and then


I’m ashamed to say I failed to get the name of this instillation piece and it’s artist, but it’s getting awfully close to encroaching upon DOUBLE RAINBOW territory. (Watch here if you are unfamiliar with this viral video deliciousness).

2011-02-25 13.41.05



And finally, the tail end of a much longer (22 minutes, I think) video by Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck entitled “Staging Silence.”

They should TOTES get a job with the Pottery Barn design team


Artist: The Black Keys/ Album: Magic Potion

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