Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Always Say Hello to a Flower


One of the places I wanted to make sure to get to was the United States Botanic Garden, located at the foot of the Capitol building.  Now, the laaaaaast time I went to a botanic garden was a couple of New Years ago when visiting my friends Nate and Jamison and Kyle in Minneapolis.  They have quite a lovely one there, except I find myself in a bit of horticultural trouble at one point.  One of the rooms is dedicated entirely to ferns of all shapes and sizes, and when I was standing next to one of the larger specimens I heard an awful cracking noise and a giant branch fell basically two inches away from me.  Naturally, everyone there immediately looked to me as the culprit.


I’m innocent I tells ya, INNOCENT!! (also, this was taken about two phones ago, so excuse the quality)


Needless to say, I did my best to stay away from any fern I came in contact with.

2011-02-25 14.36.53

Look, Joseph, but don’t touch


2011-02-25 14.31.30

The orchid room


2011-02-25 14.35.32

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers! I refer to them as the harbingers of Spring because when I lived in Ann Arbor they were always the first to push through the snow.  Campus was littered with them, as was Plymouth road, and they always made me excited for the change of seasons


2011-02-25 14.39.39

This is what I look like when NOT toppling over mother nature like a hyperactive lumberjack


Artist: Faith Prince/ Album: A Leap of Faith

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