Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ballad of a Well Known Gun


Last week I was thrilled to get a pleasant surprise of a text message from friend-of-the-blog, Jan:

Jan: What are you doing to night.

Me: (thinking maybe she knew someone in Houston who had an extra ticket to a show or something) Oh nothing!

Jan: I am in town and if I can swing it I’d love to see you if I can.  If you get an offer to go out take it, but I’ll do my best to see you!

What a treat!!! I have been accustomed to getting to see her during the holiday season, but it was certainly delightful to meet up so unexpectedly.  I also love that she assumed I’d rather see people who live in the same city as I as opposed to seeing her—buh-crazy!

The reason for their visit to Houston was that it served as the port of origin for their family cruise and it was decided it would be easier for me  to come to her father-in-law’s house for our visit.  I had been there once before when she and Jason were first married (I sang in the wedding).  Needless to say from the photos below, it’s not a house I quickly forgot.

2011-03-05 20.12.53

There’s your giraffe, Jennifer!!!


Jason’s father (as well as Jason and the boys) are avid hunters and has a fantastic trophy room to prove it.  Kyle helped provide some dramatic re-enactments… at least I’m pretty sure it was Kyle and not Reed, his twin.  

2011-03-05 20.13.28

2011-03-05 20.13.52

Who’s laughing NOW, Mr. Hyena in the background?!?


And you know it wouldn’t be an animal post without a photo of our favorite animal, the cougar!:

PA160056 NOT AGAIN!!!!

 2011-03-05 20.15.10


Plus some good ol’ Jan action and a silly shot to boot!

2011-03-05 21.15.53  2011-03-05 20.11.23

There I am, “lookin’ all Kanye

Artist: Elton John/ Album: Tumbleweed Connection

(Check out her post to see another picture of us!)

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  1. Yeah me! Yeah you!
    And yes, that was Kyle.
    Loved getting to see you!


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