Friday, March 18, 2011

Tower Song


Last night I had the privilege of being taken out to dinner by my uncle Sid and cousin, Phoebe.  They were in the big citay because Phoebe is lucky enough to be on spring break and they took a day trip from Lufkin to get some shopping done.

Sid had heard about how great the Backstreet Café was and since it was so close to the gallery it was convenient enough for me to be able to head to choir rehearsal right afterwards.  The weather was even nice enough to dine al fresco!

2011-03-17 18.27.29


I wasn’t exactly on top of my “blogging” game during the meal and forgot to take a picture of my dinner, the meatloaf tower.  With a little help from photoshop, though, I can provide a fairly accurate representation of what it looked like:

Picture 128


I had my act together by the time dessert arrived, so don’t you worry.  Can’t remember the name of it… something along the lines of “deliciousness deep fried in tasty covered in love with a side of orange mandarin liquid crack."  Or something like that…

2011-03-17 18.37.18

WHERE’S MY COFFEE!!??!!??!!??!!


Even though it was such a short visit I had a fantastic time catching up with the fam, and for those of you with excellent blog memories, I mentioned in a previous post that a picture in Flora & Muse reminded me of Phoebe… now go back and compare and tell me if I’m crazy!

2011-03-17 18.56.33

It’s azalia time!!


Artist: Martha Wainwright/ Album: I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too

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