Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Last Picturehouse


I’m sure all of you remember my previous post about the Hirschorn gallery from my trip to Washington D.C., right?  Specifically about how one of the works was reminiscent of a certain row of houses outside of Crockett near Grapeland.  To catch you up:

This next piece reminds me of a row of dilapidated buildings on the outskirts of Crockett.  I wish I had a picture of them to show a comparison but, unlike other random photo holdings I have, it’s not hiding in the bowels of my computer’s processor.  I even told Mary Anne something like: “The sad thing is that a part of me wants to call someone in Crockett, have them go to Grapeland and take a picture of them and email it so I can use it for the blog.”  Yes, folks, that’s what my life has come to these days.  Those of you in my Houston County entourage will hopefully know what I’m talking about!

2011-02-25 13.23.52

Siah Armajani’s “Fibonacci House Bridge” (1986)


WELL, readers… today I got an e-mail from my sister-in-law, Joanie with the following:

Joseph! When we were driving home from Crockett this weekend we stopped in Grapeland to take these pictures for you, so now you have them in your stock to use in your blog.

A.) How awesome!!!  B.) What a great memory she had to even think about taking the picture.  C.) Here it is!


You can see it, right?

Artist: Sandi Thom/ Album: The Pink and the Lily

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