Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playing With Fire


With all the talk of the gallery recently I realize I’ve been a bit negligent in any Pottery Barn related tales so, with full remembrance of the police presence earlier in the year, I now present to you a FIRE TRUCK (oooooh aaaaah!)

2011-02-18 16.00.20


I noticed a couple of customers staring out into the parking lot from the front windows of our store the other day and I couldn’t help but take a gander myself.  Apparently a mother had locked her child in the car (don’t worry, everything turned out okay).  However, in true PB fashion, one of our patrons couldn’t be bothered with this inconvenience and decided to ask the officers if they wouldn’t mind moving their fire truck, as it was blocking her in.  I imagine the conversation went a little something like this:

2011-02-18 16.01.28


Artist: Brandon Flowers/ Album: Flamingo

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