Saturday, March 12, 2011

Have a Drink on Me


This week my dear dear friend and former roommate from Michigan, Lembit, is in the citay for the premier of his opera And Then I Remember with Houston’s very own OperaVista (read more about it and BUY TICKETS here).

We were able to go out for drinks last night before the festival reception and not really knowing a large number of places to go I decided to take him to the Anvil Bar.  Remember?

2011-03-11 18.17.09

Right outta Hog’s Head


“Is that butter beer!?!?!” you might be asking yourself.  Well… close.  Take a moment to browse the menu and tell me which drink I most likely ordered.

2011-03-11 18.06.30

IT’S GENERAL SHERMAN!!!!! (And no… I didn’t order the Witchy Woman)


2011-03-11 18.15.28  2011-03-11 18.15.53

“Um, that’s a cinnamon stick, Joseph, not a straw…”

The aforementioned reception for the festival took place at the Laura Rathe Gallery, which is about 100 feet away from the John Cleary Gallery where I work!  In fact, it’s the same gallery where I ended up on the roof during the last round of exhibit openings.  Oh world, you are so small!  This time I remembered to snap at least one picture, too.

2011-03-11 19.10.15

You bettah sang, girl


Artist: AC/DC / Album: Back in Black

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